According to NHS England, around 80,000 people have a stroke in England each year and it is believed that stroke is the single largest cause of complex disability.

Despite this, a report published by the BASP today has warned of a 'significant and growing shortage of stroke consultants in the UK'.

This is inevitably having an impact of the quality of care and treatment provided, indeed sadly, we have seen an increase in clients who have suffered at the hands of staff shortages and substandard care.

It is widely accepted that in most cases of stroke, immediate access to treatments such as thrombolysis greatly increases the chances of recovery and reduces long term disability.

Thrombolysis is an injection of medication which helps dissolve blood clots in the brain to restore blood flow and oxygen supply.

However, thrombolysis cannot generally be used if more than 4.5 hours have passed after onset of the stroke. Delays in diagnosis and treatment therefore have a huge impact on a patient's long term prognosis.

A notable past case involved a mid-30s gentleman who suffered a stroke unexpectedly at home. Family members correctly identified that something was seriously wrong and dialled 999. Our client reached hospital well within the 4.5 hour thrombolysis window. Unfortunately though, diagnostic tests undertaken by the doctors where misinterpreted and no diagnosis of stroke was made until it was far too late. The opportunity to administer thrombolysis was missed and the gentleman suffered severe long term brain damage which affected his ability to speak and carry out normal daily activities.

We secured substantial damages which is now being used to obtain vital care and support for our client for the remainder of his life.

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