I am a secret tech-nerd, so the possibility of an app being able to help my clients will definitely catch my attention!

The article referred to below looks at apps available in the USA, some of which are available here. A couple of clients have tried them with varied feedback.

When it comes to arrangements for children, I am afraid my view is (so far) that although tech can be helpful, we need to be able find ways for parents to communicate positively following separation. This is important for the welfare of the children and for the message it gives the children about respect, trust and relationships.  Maintaining a positive parenting relationship can be very difficult, and resorting to an app to avoid communication may not be the magic wand some hope for.

I can envisage some situations where apps may be useful and would be interested to hear how people have found them work.

If you are struggling to resolve issues following separation, mediation can be a good place to discuss this.  if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.