A recent survey has found that members of 'Generation Z' are most likely to take a pragmatic approach to marriage and seek a prenuptial agreement to protect their assets.

Prenuptial agreements have been a controversial topic for many years and often spark heated debates, particularly because many believe that those entering in to them are expecting the marriage to fail.  As a family lawyer, my view of prenuptial agreements is very different because I often see how having a prenuptial agreement in place would have helped divorcing couples avoid the cost and acrimony of contested court proceedings. 

Whilst prenuptial agreements are not technically legally binding in England and Wales, following the Supreme Court's decision in Radmacher v Granatino in 2010, the Court will give significant weight to those that have been properly entered in to.  This means that they can still offer people a way of protecting their assets should their marriage not endure.

'Generation Z' appear to have realised the practical benefits of having a prenuptial agreement in place, but time will tell to see if they are able to influence the popularity of these agreements.

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