What does successful individual counselling following relationship breakdown look like?


Claire Colbert met with Debbie Miller, Relationship Therapist, to understand more about how counselling can support individuals who are going through relationship breakdown, separation and divorce. We wanted to understand how this service can help our clients who are often dealing with emotional, practical and legal consequences of the relationship breakdown.


Debbie talked about what a successful counselling process can look like for assisting people who are going through relationship breakdown. There can be various stages through the process and a scale of emotions that are experienced. These can include anger, jealousy, frustration with also emotions of freedom and fear. It is important that there is the opportunity to balance those emotions with the practical choices that need to be made and the permission to be allowed to feel those feelings and being able to change those feelings. You can watch the interview with Debbie here:- https://youtu.be/jAgrlJB_XBo

Debbie Miller is a counsellor at http://debbiemiller.co.uk/Index.htm

If you would like to discuss any issues following divorce and separation, please do not hesitate to contact myself or a member of the family team.