The Care Quality Commission have concluded that despite extra money being invested into the NHS that there are no guarantees that services will improve putting additional pressure on A&E Departments in England where over half are shown not to be good enough.

The annual report produced by the CQC has shown that 44% of A&Es are now rated as requiring improvement with 8% being deemed inadequate. This is on the back of a number of years where the target of four-hour waiting times has been consistently missed.

Chief Executive of the CQC, Ian Trenholm, has highlighted that this hospital department is “the department that we are most concerned about” and further added there was a “rising demand and people struggling to provide high-quality care”.

The pressures on the NHS are being compounded by the lack of support in the community with those in crisis not being able to get the care they need so they turn to A&E departments to help. Until a funding solution for social care is found then it is likely that the pressure will remain.

Mr Trenholm of the CQC goes on to say “until a social care settlement was reached – which the government has promised is imminent – he was not confident services would improve”.

Moving into autumn and winter the pressure will most likely increase on A&E departments and the impact of the social care shortfalls in the community will be felt by all.

Thankfully the annual report of the CQC was not negative throughout, 95% of GP practices were noted to be outstanding or good with core services within the NHS save for A&E showing signs of improvement.

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