Most clinical negligence lawyers will have encountered cases involving late diagnosis of appendicitis, sometimes with catastrophic consequences for the patient. However, a recent study from the University of Birmingham published in the British Journal of Surgery indicates a growing problem with precisely the reverse: i.e. healthy appendices being removed unnecessarily, which creates its own set of problems for the patient not only in terms of undergoing pointless surgery but also the post-surgical risk of adhesions and other complications.

The study suggests that out of the 90,000 appendectomies performed annually in the UK over 5,000 may be unnecessary, with women disproportionately impacted. While 12% of male patients admitted for appendicitis can expect to have a perfectly healthy appendix removed, the figure is almost one third for women. This gender disparity is thought by the authors of the study to be partially accounted for by women's greater susceptibility to a range of intra-abdominal issues which can be mistaken for appendicitis.

The statistics revealed by the study are not mirrored in other European countries, suggesting a problem with the broader medical culture in the UK, where appendectomy is often decided upon without a CT scan (the gold standard for diagnosing appendicitis) based entirely on signs, symptoms, and blood work. Likewise, UK surgeons are much more likely to remove an appendix which appears healthy on surgical inspection so as to pre-empt future bouts of appendicitis. 

In defence of these practices, the Royal College of Surgeons has pointed out that failure to surgically explore suspected appendicitis can have serious and indeed fatal consequences for the patient, and also cites concerns over exposing patients to the radiation from CT scans unnecessarily.

The study comes not long after recent stories in the popular press suggesting that Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre is in the unenviable position of having one of the highest payout rates in the country for surgery-related clinical negligence claims.

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