I was in our local library with my children the other day, and amongst all of the books available for little ones, I found this title available for loan.

It reminded about how far we have come in terms of recognising that a separation affects children as well as their parents

In most areas there is support available for children, if you know where to access it. For example through their schools, medical professionals, health visitors or private counsellors. 

However books like this one are another way to help parents to explain to their children what is happening and open up a conversation with them about how they are feeling.  

The crucial message being that although they may not be living together any more as a couple, they both love the child and, as this book covers, their decision is not the child's fault.

If you or someone you know would appreciate further advice on separating with children, please do contact me by email at gemma.nicholls-webber@freeths.co.uk or on 01865 781115.