In the UK, over 100 different types of hernia mesh implants are in circulation and are being used by NHS surgeons. There is, however no clinical evidence whatsoever to confirm that they are safe to use.

It has been found that the devices have destroyed people’s lives by cutting into vital tissues and nerves, leaving them disabled through not being able to walk, work or care for their children. This is evident by the case of Roseanna Clarkin from Glasgow. After having undergone a hernia mesh repair at an NHS hospital, she was left in chronic pain and was forced to leave her job.

It has since been found, through a Freedom of Information request by the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, that nearly 300 people have come forward with complaints over the complications they faced, such as chronic pain, infections and organ perforations. One man is reported to have died following an infection caused by the mesh device. Despite hernia repair being one of the world’s most common surgical procedures, with over 100,000 taking place each year, one in ten patients are suffering from the side effects.

Ethicon, one of the largest mesh manufacturers, have faced their decade-old promotional video being leaked. The video suggests that their older mesh products can turn “hard as a stone” after having been inside a patient for only a year. This complication not only causes further damage to the patient’s body, but also symptoms of chronic pain. These mesh products are still sold today and used by the NHS, putting lives at risk.

Other mesh devices, such as those used for vaginal repairs have been suspended pending a government review. The outcome of the review will also become relevant for hernia mesh devices, perhaps highlighting further the dangers they pose.

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