We are now half way through Family Mediation Week. It is great to see the conversations taking place on and offline regarding mediation, how it works and how it really is a better way.

One question I am regularly asked is what is a MIAM. A Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting takes place between the mediation and each party (individually) before the family mediation process commences. It is an opportunity for the mediator to explore the issues, explain the process and understand if mediation is an appropriate option. It is the client’s way of dealing with queries or concerns they may have about mediation and exploring what options (along with mediation) exist as an alternative to court.

A MIAM meeting is a valuable way to help you decide how you want to resolve issues, with no obligation to use mediation, which is a voluntary process.

If you would like more information about MIAMs or mediation, please get in touch.