The current coronavirus crisis is creating all sorts of problems with separated couples (quite apart from the massive effect it is having on the world at large).  Not surprisingly contact between separated parents is top of the list and it is fair to say that where a party is hostile to contact anyway, the current crisis would appear to provide the perfect excuse for stopping contact.  None of us at Freeths would ever suggest that any child or person should be put at risk because of contact but if the proper precautions are taken, if none of the parties has symptoms, if none of the parties is in the "at risk" categories and proper sanitisation takes place then the parents should be encouraging contact.  The article below confirms that contact should proceed and the parties need to remember the if both parties have parental responsibility then they BOTH have responsibility.  If physical contact cannot take place then the parties must ensure that Skype/FaceTime or other face to face video contact can take place.