Mediation is a great alternative dispute resolution option, particularly useful during the current government lockdown restrictions. Family mediation can be conducted by online video and will help you to identify and clarify all matters for consideration, and when dealing with finances, assist you both in collating the necessary disclosure. Common topics for mediation include childcare arrangements and co-parenting plans, and the financial issues that have to be sorted out as part of a divorce or separation. Mediation can also be useful in helping parents restore communication where it has broken down.

If both parties agree, proposals reached in mediation can be converted into legally binding court orders by their solicitors. 

Mediation happens at the pace the parties agree. It is a voluntary process and therefore the mediator can work with you both to a timetable that meets your requirements. We will help you both discuss all of the options. Most importantly, we always keep the needs of any children at the forefront of the discussions.

MIAM meetings and joint mediation sessions can take place though any online video option. This enables all parties to see and hear each other, and the mediator to be able to share their screen and documents as part of the process. If proposals are formulated these are drafted into a without prejudice document called a Memorandum of Understanding which can subsequently be converted into a court order if everyone agrees.

Mediation can proceed as normal during a lockdown. If a family are all still living in one house, each party can be in a separate room or the same room, as long as this is out of earshot of any children. As long as there is access to video calls and it is safe to do so, mediation can take place.

If you would like more information about mediation, please do not hesitate to contact me.