We are seeing a significant increase in enquiries since the easing of the lock down rules. It would seem that many couples have spent their time in lock down arguing about financial worries and their relationship and whether as a couple they are still compatible after having spent all this time together.

We have seen most calls come in on a Friday or a Monday.

We are recommending support services who can work with couples experiencing difficulties and aren't sure if they want a divorce but most people calling us want advice about what to do next and top tips for getting ready to file for divorce so even if they don't do anything right now they are ready to in a couple of weeks.

We are being asked things like, can I keep my home or will it be sold? How can the fall in pension values be taken into account, how do we properly value a business at this time and how can I best protect myself financially. We are also getting lots of questions about shared parenting arrangements and what people can and cannot do.

If you need some advice or know someone who does then please call Rachael Oakes, National Head of the Family Team, on - 07972 753265 or email Rachael on Rachael@freeths.co.uk.