In discussions with clients I ask them to think carefully about taking steps to end a relationship. It is almost always a difficult and life changing decision .

Considered opinion is that the recent restrictions will have caused stress to many people and may have impacted on their mental health ,possibly leading to their relationship breaking down.

I refer many clients to professional services who can provide support in this area and recently something different has come to my attention, it is called Discernment Counselling.

This is a therapy for couples designed for those who are uncertain whether they want to continue with their relationship. Couples who are considering breaking up often do not know if ending the relationship is the right decision and this counselling can help them understand their options and potential outcomes.

The sessions consider what has happened in the relationship that caused the parties to consider ending it ,what has been done to try and fix it  and whether children factor into the decision   

The therapist meets individually with each partner to discuss their feelings and agenda and then the couples meet jointly to determine whether any problems can be solved. The therapist tries to assist both parties to identify how they are contributing to the relationship issues and explore potential solutions.

This sort of counselling is not recommended for all but if it can reduce conflict between partners and any steps which can be taken to reduce animosity will be actively encouraged by  family lawyers.

At Freeths we are offering support and advise during this difficult time by way of phone or video meetings ,contact us if you want to know more on 03301 001 014 for assistance