Child maintenance is financial support between separated parents to help with the everyday costs of looking after children. 

The latest figures released in relation to children covered by the Child Maintenance Service confirms that 737,000 children are currently covered by the service. 

Child Maintenance may be paid by either :- 

1. An agreement reached directly between the parents; 

2. Directly from the paying parent's earnings; 

3. Direct debit; or 

4. Reducing the paying parent's benefits. 

Payments will be paid into the receiving parent's bank account.

When a payment is missed by the paying parent, the Child Maintenance Service can collect the unpaid payment(s) via the following:- 

1. Deduction from earnings - money is recovered from the paying parent's earnings via their employer;

2. Deduction order - money is directly deducted from the paying parent's bank account; or 

3. Courts -  in some circumstances, the paying parent may be taken to court over the unpaid maintenance.

Should you require any advice in relation to child maintenance, or child arrangements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.