The press has been littered with stories and suggestions of surges of relationship breakdown as a result of the COVID pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

Interestingly there has been much less press interest in the positive impact this unprecedented situation has created for some couples.  The term "Turbo" relationship covers the couples forced to move their relationship forward much quicker than they would otherwise have done, because of the practical and emotional issues the pandemic has caused.

The change in pace may cause issues in the relationship as the article attached highlights.  I imagine we may also see a baby boom in the coming year, which will increase the intensity of a turbo relationship....

As a family lawyer (but eternal romantic) I would encourage couples in this situation to put their legal affairs in order now.  This can include cohabitation agreements, pre-marital agreements or post nuptial agreements.  These documents provide insurance to both parties in uncertain times. The documents can be negotiated directly, agreed through mediation or through solicitors

If you would like information about these legal options, please do not hesitate to get in touch.