As the Derby and Burton Trust come under more pressure to release the name of the Consultant Gynaecologist under review, Mr Daniel Hay has confirmed that he is the subject of the review.

We are now acting for a number of women who have been contacted by the Hospital Trust informing them that their care and treatment is under investigation. We have also been contacted by women who have not received letters but are themselves concerned that they may have been subject to negligent treatment.

We have now entered into discussions with the Hospital Trust and their legal representatives and hope to move forward positively to support those affected by the inquiry and the findings in due course. We intend to enter into a Claims Handling Agreement, ensuring the women involved may be assured of prompt and thorough investigations enabling them to obtain answers to the many questions the investigation will have prompted. A Claims Handling Agreement is a scheme which enables the parties to consider and resolve claims cost effectively and wherever possible avoid the need for patients to go to court. A Claims Handling Agreement usually enables investigations to be carried out with no legal costs to the patients whilst it is accepted for investigation under the scheme. The use of joint experts, a clear timetable for dispute resolution and efficient cooperation between the parties will ensure that costs incurred by the NHS are kept to a minimum.

Our local Derby Clinical Negligence team at Freeths LLP have vast experience in dealing with a wide variety of gynaecological and obstetric cases. With nearly 300 women being contacted by the Trust at this stage it is clear that investigations will take time and co-ordination. Our team has experience in working with group actions, where a large number of patients have received a pattern of poor care provided by one particular doctor. In previous group action involvement we have found that providing a support group to those affected has been very beneficial.

We wish to offer those affected access to such support group, to be run by way of virtual meeting, and should anyone wish to be a part of this then please do let us know.

Karen Reynolds, Partner of Freeths’ Derby based Clinical Negligence Team commented, “The Trust are still at this stage not willing to confirm the name of the Consultant Gynaecologist involved in the investigation. Mr Hay has himself confirmed his involvement. This fits with the information we have received. We are being contacted by more and more women who feel that treatment they have received has had a devastating effect on their lives. I feel confident that we can support those women affected and get the answers they deserve.”

Karen added, “I have found in the past that I am able to work in a collaborative manner with the Derby Trust. Now I am sure everybody will be able to take a sensible and pragmatic approach."

Please contact our local, approachable and knowledgeable team via the following details:

Karen Reynolds, Partner: 0845 272 5677 or 07717730834. Or by email to

Siobhan Genever, Director: 0845 030 5774 or 07971586185. Or by email to

Claire Cooper, Associate: 0845 274 6830 or 07811744463. Or by email to

Naomi Solomon, Associate: 0845 030 5742 or 07973881711. Or by email to

Lisa Goulding, Trainee Legal Executive: 0845 050 3277 or 07973 891656. Or by email to

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