A review of Mr Hay’s care was triggered in April 2020 by the Trust following concerns raised by his own colleagues. To date, 272 women have been sent letters by the Trust advising them that their care and treatment is under review although sadly, the number of women who may be contacted by the Trust and also seek legal advice is likely to rise.

Freeths has been contacted by other 30 women concerned about their gynaecological care and treatment. Some common concerns include failure to discuss treatment options in detail, the decision to proceed to invasive surgery quickly and significant pain and bleeding following procedures. Other concerns include infected wounds, foreign objects being left inside the body, burns and temporary paralysis following treatment. In addition to physical harm, many women have suffered a deterioration in their mental health caused by their ongoing problems following surgery.

Since more women have come forward, the Trust has not made any additional comment but has referred to a previous comment made by Dr Magnus Harrison, Executive Medical Director:

“The Trust would like to send our sincere apologies to all of the women that the independent review has identified as being harmed. We are working closely with NHS England to establish the full facts of the care provided by the consultant in question and this investigation is still ongoing.”

Naomi Solomon, Clinical Negligence Associate at Freeths has said; “The women we have spoken to are understandably very concerned about the treatment they have received and are keen to obtain answers and where appropriate compensation for the harm caused. We are looking to work collaboratively with the Trust in order to bring claims to a conclusion as swiftly and economically as possible.”

She also added; “We also recognise how difficult it can be for these women reliving traumatic events and have set up a support group to allow those affected or concerned about their treatment to share their experiences.”

If you, or your loved one has been treated by Mr Hay and are concerned about the treatment you received, please contact one of our local, approachable and knowledgeable team for support and guidance:

Karen Reynolds, Partner: 0845 272 5677 or 07717730834. Or by email to Karen.reynolds@freeths.co.uk

Siobhan Genever, Director: 0845 030 5774 or 07971586185. Or by email to Siobhan.genever@freeths.co.uk

Claire Cooper, Associate: 0845 274 6830 or 07811744463. Or by email to claire.cooper@freeths.co.uk

Naomi Solomon, Associate: 0845 030 5742 or 07973881711. Or by email to naomi.solomon@freeths.co.uk

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