Over the summer I qualified as a Hybrid Mediator. This is a relatively new Discrete Resolution Option for family law issues and so I hope I can share shed some light on the process for those that may be interested in it.

What is it?

Hybrid mediation is a method of reaching resolution in family law disputes, by using a combination of traditional mediation and civil mediation.  By combining the methods, the Hybrid Mediator is able to involve lawyers directly in the process which can add support for a party who might feel less able to participate in mediation in other circumstances.  Lawyers being present can empower a client to feel able to make decisions that may otherwise feel overwhelming.

The process also enables the mediator to keep agreed "confidences" which can help progress the discussion of options and solutions. Having lawyers in the process means each party has access to immediate legal advice and progress can be made much quicker and can result in an agreed legal document by the end of the process. Avoiding delay in going away to get legal advice can mean resolution can be reached swiftly, leading this option to a one day or half day forum rather than regular meetings.  This can save time, costs and stress for all involved.

If you would like to find out more about Hybrid mediation, please do not hesitate to get in touch.