With the online divorce portal making applying for a divorce easier than ever, this case demonstrates how important it is to ensure divorce petitions are properly drafted.

In this case, the wife used a "para law" firm to issue her initial divorce petition. She later realised the consequences of the errors within that document, and attempted to argue that it didn't reflect her instructions, and not being a fluent English speaker, that she hadn't understood what the document said. The husband wanted an order to be allowed to review the files of the wife's previous advisors to see what her instructions had been at the time.

The case raises issues of legal professional privilege, but the wider point to register is that the contents of the divorce petition are important, and can have bearing on the case at a later stage. It's crucial that the petitioner understands the contents of the petition, and that it is signed with a statement of truth, stating that the petitioner believes the facts within it to be true.