Ofsted has closed Wilsic Hall School Children's Home in Doncaster pending an investigation into concerns for pupils' safety. This follows Ofsted's closure of Fullerton House School Children's Home, also in Doncaster, earlier in March 2021. Both homes offer residential care to children and young adults with complex educational needs including autism, and both homes are operated by the Doncaster-based Hesley Group. 

The schools themselves remain open, with the suspension affecting only the attached residential units. A spokeswoman for Ofsted explained that the closures are a consequence of suspension of the homes' registrations due to safeguarding concerns. "This does not always mean that the provider has done something wrong, but it does allow us time to investigate our concerns" she added. The suspensions will only be ended when Ofsted is satisfied that children are not at risk.

Meanwhile a spokesman for the Hesley Group said that the group is taking the matters identified by Ofsted "very seriously" and will be working with the authorities to address and resolve the relevant issues. The spokesman also said that the children affected by the closures are being found alternative accommodation during the suspension.

Freeths' clinical negligence lawyer Phil McGough is acting for two vulnerable young adults with autism in the care of a Hesley Group residential home elsewhere in Yorkshire. Both cases involve allegations of negligent care and failures to safeguard.

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