As Father’s Day draws near, many people will be celebrating their fathers’ attributes, strengths, and devotion. Whether in the form of a card, family barbeque, or a bottle of his favourite drink, many people will enjoy spending time together as a family. 

Unfortunately, Father’s Day can also be a day of renewed bereavement for many people, including fathers who have lost a child. Losing a child is a reality that any parent dreads, but sometimes fathers can be excluded from conversations about baby & infant loss.

It can be difficult for men to talk about pregnancy, baby, & infant loss, particularly on a day which is supposed to be about celebration and happiness. It may be a time when bereaved fathers feel they need to mask their mixed feelings and ‘get through the day’, so they do not upset anyone around them. Grief is something we grow to live with over time, but on days like Father’s Day, it can bring our bereavement to the surface, no matter how much time has passed.

The charity SANDS (Stillbirth & Neonatal Death charity) are offering a free helpline this Father’s Day between 11am to 1pm (0808 164 3332) for anyone feeling the grief of loss. You can also email or join the dads' support group on Facebook. The hashtag #AlwaysThere will also be active on social media to ensure that no bereaved person is forgotten in the noise of celebration.

If you have suffered the loss of a baby, and you have concerns about treatment, our national team of lawyers have specialist expertise in clinical negligence cases surrounding stillbirth and baby loss and can offer compassionate and confidential legal advice. Contact a member of our clinical negligence team on 01865 781000 for a free and confidential discussion.

The Freeths national clinical negligence team is headed by:

Carolyn Lowe, Partner (Oxford/Milton Keynes/London) - 01865 781019 / (Foundation for Infant Loss recommended Solicitor for Buckinghamshire)

Karen Reynolds, Partner (Derby/Stoke on Trent/Birmingham) - 0845 274 6830 / (Foundation for Infant Loss recommended Solicitor for Staffordshire)

Jane Williams, Partner (Leicester/Nottingham) - 0845 272 5724 /   (Foundation for Infant Loss recommended Solicitor for Leicestershire)

For further information please also visit our website at: