The move of the divorce process onto the online court platform has no doubt made things easier and saved costs for many divorcing couples. However, it still involves drafting legal applications which are not straightforward. Specialist family advice is needed to make sure things are done properly.

Mr Justice Moor has just dismissed 28 divorce petitions prepared using an online service that gave all the petitioners identical wording for their behaviour particulars, saying: "I make it absolutely clear that those particulars are exactly the sort of particulars that I would expect to see in a divorce petition and I would not have blinked an eyelid. If proved to be true, I am satisfied that they would be sufficient to found a decree of divorce on the basis of the law as it is at present. It is, however, quite impossible for all twenty-eight respondents to have behaved in exactly that way. I regret to have to conclude that, as a result, these petitions are improper"