For us family lawyers, we see all aspects of relationship breakdown on a daily basis, and we are well versed in the emotional, practical and financial turmoil that our clients can experience in the divorce process. This is our day job, but for everyone else, a divorce is one of the most significant events they will experience in their lifetime.

The decision to get divorced is one that lends itself to so many unknowns. It’s a common theme that the first consideration in this decision will be one based on emotion: Am I in a relationship that makes me happy? Am I living the life I want for myself? Have we grown apart? It is a brave question to ask, and then follows the more practical aspects of that decision. Who should move out of the family home and will it need to be sold? How will my income be impacted? What am I entitled to? Where will the children live? Faced with the uncertainty of it all, it can be easy to feel like the decision to end a marriage or civil partnership will have a domino effect, knocking over financial security, social security, childcare structure, and unravelling almost every aspect of life as you know it.

It is therefore no surprise that many people will choose to remain in an unhappy relationship, as the alternative of dealing with re-building their life can seem impossible. This is where it is important for anyone experiencing a divorce to surround themselves with a team of professionals. Having a family solicitor on your side as part of the divorce process gives clients a sense of structure, clarity and control at a time when everything may feel like it is falling apart.

While a family solicitor can get involved at any stage of the process, the earlier you take advice the easier it is to assess your goals and concerns, and for us to work with you in structuring a settlement that adequately provides for you in the present and future. If you are considering speaking to a family lawyer but aren’t quite ready to make the decision to divorce – this is okay, and it doesn’t mean that decisions need to be made immediately. It can be an opportunity to identify what the process involves, what ought to be considered going forwards, and to understand that the process doesn’t happen to you but with you. There are no silly questions when faced with the uncertainty of your future.   

A divorce lawyer may seem like an obvious person to be involved in this process, but there are other professionals who can also provide invaluable advice at this time. Family lawyers will often work with and alongside financial advisers, tax planners and pension experts to help plan the financial structure of your settlement in a way that is appropriate to your circumstances, and which aligns with your goals and financial priorities in the next chapter of your life. For those clients that need added emotional support, there are also divorce coaches. The idea is to surround yourself with a support unit so that you are well equipped to deal with the personal hurdles you encounter when deciding to divorce.  

In summary, the practical implications of a divorce should not prevent you from making decisions that are ultimately right for you. Tackling the practical steps in this process can be much less daunting provided you have the right professional support to guide you through the process.

If you are considering a divorce or separation and thinking about next steps, we would be happy to have a confidential no-obligation discussion to help you assess your options.

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