I couldn’t agree more with the below quote - which raises a very important point. Whilst some clients will be entrenched in their feelings towards to the other party (perhaps with good reason), it is important as a family lawyer to understand and recognise that mirroring that hostility in communications with the other side, is not the best way of resolving matters.

It goes without saying that divorce proceedings and related matters such as finances and/or children matters are an extremely emotional time for all parties and we do of course empathise with our clients. As members of Resolution, we are committed to dealing with all matters as constructively and cost-effective as possible but likewise, ensuring we are protecting our clients' positions to achieve the best possible outcome and attempt to avoid Court where possible, albeit, Court proceedings may be required in some instances.

If you would like any advice following a relationship breakdown, please feel free to give me a call on 07973 803 227 or contact me by email on danielle.beesley@freeths.co.uk.